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Apples and Bananas : Blue Prints (2019)

This series is the prequel series for the series ‘Memory Box: Things and Facts’. ‘ Memory Box: Things and Facts ‘series, in short, is a self-portrait with combination of small photographs of things in a box as memories which tell fragmented stories. But as a whole shows who I am.

This series ‘Apples and Bananas: Blue Prints’ is the formation of the skeleton of the Memory Box in the earlier years when one is young. Apples and Bananas starts with A and B, and it may remind many things to many people. Apples and bananas are one of the first baby food , apple of Eve , the banana reminding a male, and etc. Photograms of 3 apples and 3 bananas are presented in cyanotype in one photograph. Cyanotype used in blueprints for a purpose to build something fit well with this series, which was to form a skeleton for the Memory Box.

There are 12 sticks not yet being able to form the planes for the Memory Box at first. Gradually sticks separate themselves building a frame for the Memory box.